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You don’t have to sacrifice style to get a low-maintenance floor that takes on traffic, topples and spills with ease. Vinyl flooring lets you transform any room with gorgeously realistic and durable designs inspired by wood, stone, ceramic — and your own imagination. Types of Vinyl Flooring: We work with multiple categories of vinyl flooring, which together include tiles, planks and vinyl sheet, as well as products with enhanced cushioning and ultra dent, scratch and stain resistance.

Luxury Vinyl Tile scratch and dent-resistant planks featuring natural hardwood or stone styles with depth and texture. Multiple easy installation options. Luxury vinyl tile creates stunning floors that are meticulously designed to look like hardwood or stone, and built to endure the busiest lifestyles. From time-worn wood to modern marble, enjoy nature’s diverse beauty throughout your home — in the kitchen, bath, basement and beyond. Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) consists of two collections: Luxe Plank™ and Vivero™ both offer resilient flooring benefits, multiple installation options and tile or plank-shaped designs to meet your needs. To help narrow down your choices, check out some key features of each. Striking detail and incredible realism are the stand-out features of LVT flooring — whether your chosen design is a throwback to vintage rugged wood or a fresh take on travertine. Be forewarned: It may take a little convincing for guests to believe your Luxury Vinyl Tile floor isn’t truly hardwood or natural stone tile!

Vinyl sheet is a resilient flooring that people often use as an alternative to natural stone, ceramic tile or even hardwood. It comes in a roll that is cut to size. Single solid surface makes it an excellent choice for moisture-prone rooms like kitchens and baths. Layered construction and protective finish make it durable and long-lasting. Far more depth and texture than it did a generation ago, so many stone or wood-inspired designs are convincingly realistic.

Vinyl Tile Stone. Wood and geometric looks for endless design possibilities. Peel-and-stick tiles are easy to install, easy to clean.

Vinyl Flooring Colorado Springs
Vinyl Flooring Contractors Colorado Springs

Vinyl Flooring Contractors Colorado Springs

These days, when you speak of vinyl flooring, it’s important to realize that luxury vinyl is nothing like the vinyl sheet flooring of yesteryear. What once was considered a bargain bin find, and was often used with the assumption that it would soon be replaced, has morphed into something else entirely.

Luxury vinyl flooring (LVF), is now one of the most sought after floor coverings. It is not only used in some of the more high-end homes but in luxury commercial buildings as well. It’s not at all odd to find LVF in resorts, casinos and other places, where solid wood was once the only flooring used.

We would be hard-pressed to try to find a room where luxury vinyl flooring would not be right at home. It is an amazing material that so closely resembles so many natural resources, but at the same time, does not necessitate the same kind of care. For instance, the vinyl planks look just like solid wood, but you can place it in the basement. Vinyl tiles can be found that look like real tile, natural stone, and other exotic natural materials, but they can literally be installed in any room.

Their durability and resilience won’t let you down either. Even though it is considered a hard flooring type, it’s much softer underfoot, is warmer than many materials, and stands up well to even small children and pets. Since it’s so resistant to stains and moisture, cleanup has never been easier. A broom and a mop will be the only tools you’ll need to bring your floors back to a like-new finish in no time at all.

We couldn’t leave off without telling you how easy it is to install luxury vinyl. No matter which product you choose, your installers will make a quick and easy job of the process. And what’s more, you’ll be able to walk on your new floors as soon as the installers leave.

Colorado Springs Vinyl Flooring

Advantages of Luxury Vinly Tile Installation

Luxury Vinyl Tile is definitely worth looking into as a flooring option. LVT has enough advantages to merit your consideration when choosing new floors for your home.
Colorado Springs Vinyl Flooring

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