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Hardwood Floor Installation Colorado Springs

New flooring can enhance the appearance of any business or home. So if you’re looking for quality hardwood flooring installation work, turn to Dynamic Flooring & Painting. Our team provides a wide range of hardwood flooring installation services.

At Dynamic Flooring & Painting, our goal is to offer you options for your hardwood flooring installation project. Whether you’ve got an open budget or are working within financial constraints, we’ll come up with suggestions to suit your style and surroundings.We can install your new hardwood flooring quickly and efficiently, all the while paying attention to detail and upholding the standard of quality you’ve come to expect.

Whether you’re looking to renovate your home or business or are involved in new construction, our hardwood flooring installation team is at your service. Call us today for more information or to schedule an estimate and discuss your preferences.

If you need new hardwood flooring, we can install unfinished wood and finish it for you or we can install a beautiful pre-finished floor. Our installers are the best in the business with over 65 years of combined hardwood flooring installation experience. We use only the finest wood to make sure that your floors will last as long as possible.

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Colorado Springs Hardwood Flooring

Colorado Springs Hardwood Flooring

Our company specializes in all types of hardwood floors, and there is no job too big or too small. We offer residential and commercial services, and corporate accounts are available. Additionally, we will provide samples to ensure that you receive the exact product you’re looking for.

Add value to your property with hardwood flooring installation from Dynamic Flooring & Painting in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The experts at our company have the industry knowledge and experience to assist you.

Do you have flooring from a big box store that you’re having trouble installing? No problem! Give us a call at (719) 200-6091 and we will install it for you. Let us help finish your dream remodel or renovation by adding the finishing touches to your flooring. Types of flooring we work with include:

Hardwood Floors Colorado Springs

If you’ve decided on wood floors, there are actually two major types to choose from, with one probably being more suited to your needs than the other. The first, of course, is real solid wood. The other is engineered wood. The difference is that engineered flooring is not solid wood through and through, but rather a real wood veneer placed on a composite backing. You’re still getting the real thing, just not as much of it.

So what’s the difference between the two? The main difference is the placement. Solid flooring can never be placed below grade, because of the way it reacts to temperature changes, humidity, and dampness. Engineered flooring can, however, and is often the backup plan in this situation.

Engineered flooring is also much easier to install, as there aren’t as many specialty tools involved with the cutting and fitting of the boards. Along these same lines, there is also no need for specialized finishing, and you can often walk on the floors as soon as the installers leave. This differs from solid wood, in that you have to allow the finish or stain to dry before walking on it or placing your furniture back in that room.

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Hardwood flooring will probably always be one of the most popular floor coverings on the market. The benefits, the long lifespan and the elegant look that is so hard to match, all come together to create a near-perfect flooring. And once you’ve gotten a taste of what it’s like to have them, you rarely go back to anything less.

It’s not surprising to see hardwood floors that are well over a hundred years old. So, installing them could be the last flooring installation you’ll ever have to have done. There’s a bit more maintenance involved than with other types of flooring, but we’re sure it’s worth it.

At Dynamic Flooring & Painting, we know what choosing solid wood floors can do for your home. We’d like to tell you more about it…

Wood Flooring Colorado Springs
Hardwood Colorado Springs

Hardwood Colorado Springs

Dynamic Flooring & Painting will not be held responsible for moisture and humidity problems that arise after a floor has been installed (i.e. water leaks, basement leaks, or lack of climate control). The climate should be kept at a steady temperature before, during and after installation. A lack of moisture will cause slight gaps and cracks in the floor, while having too much moisture can cause the floor to cup. The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) recommends that the area should be kept at a 45 to 50% relative humidity. All Dynamic Flooring & Painting installations are tested prior to work being started, and we do our best to try to eliminate any such problems. If you need more information on moisture or moisture related problems, please contact the office. Dynamic Flooring & Painting will be contacting you prior to the delivery of the wood to your home letting you know the day it is scheduled so that you can make arrangements to accept the delivery. At that time, they will probably not know the time frame for the delivery, but we will be calling you back once again, approximately one day prior to your delivery to advise you of either a morning or afternoon delivery. In most cases, we can not give an exact time for the wood delivery as it comes directly from our supplier to your home. The wood can not be stored in a garage, shed, basement or porch. The purpose of the delivery is to allow the wood to acclimate to the same temperature and humidity as in the room that it is to be installed.

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